Course Open

A few weeks ago the club was approached by Anthony Lorrimer, the great great grandson of our 1898 Past Captain Walter C Clark, saying that he was in possession of three golf trophies that belonged to the family, and would WLGC be interested in purchasing them? He was organising probate and had probate value of £1,650 for the three trophies. The first was the 1896 Aggregate trophy, won by Walter and presented to him at the November St Andrews dinner in that year; the second was the Bachelor Associates trophy, presented by Walter C Clark and won by 4 Ladies, and won to keep by Mrs. Walter C Clark in 1903; the third trophy was the Mixed Foursome trophy of 1900 which was won by H H Hilton and Miss Winifred Clark (Walter’s daughter).


As a result of the request from Anthony Lorrimer, John Bambery made arrangements to drive to Loughborough to meet with him and to view the trophies. This resulted in John making a recommendation that the club purchase all three trophies and, after receiving approval, he negotiated a price of £1500 for the three. They were collected on 28th February and are now in the club’s possession.  It is hoped that Anthony Lorrimer will attend our forthcoming Spring Dinner when the trophies will be on display. They represent a marvellous piece of the club’s heritage to be added to our collection.


We also have the newspaper clipping from 1896 when the below Aggregate Trophy was won, please click here to view this.