Course Open

The 125 School organised a joint event for the 125 School and new members of the club on January 29th.   This was inspired by the Lady Captain’s session on marking a card earlier in the month. 14 ladies were given the task of marking a card in small groups.  It was quite challenging and Anne Fletcher and I found ourselves put through our paces as well.  The card included a situation where the players played the wrong ball.  The hardest part was understanding how the stroke index works but all the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the session.  Not everyone was able to play in the roll up.  However 4 groups went out and played 9 holes very successfully.  All were given a hcap of 36 and asked to keep their scores.  One young member got 22 points and one other 125 member got 14 pts. All felt they were making progress. Many thanks to our Chairman who organised and ran the seminar and to Anne Fletcher who, as ever, worked really hard in organising the whole event.


Penny Thompson.