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The Quadrangular is a Junior Scratch tournament between four clubs; Royal Liverpool, Wallasey, Formby and West Lancashire, first played in 1964 when the trophy was presented by Royal Liverpool for the competition. This tournament has been played every year since and handicaps don’t come into play, except to determine the order of play. The winning teams of the matches played in the morning play each other in the final in the afternoon and the losing teams play each other for 3rd and 4th place.

On a bright, but very blustery day on Tuesday 4th April our 7 player Junior team lead by the Junior Captains Ben Harvey (hcp 2.5) and Hollie Muse (hcp -2.9) with Nat Bellamy (hcp 1.9), Lauren Green (hcp 2.1), Sean Kelly (hcp 5.8), Chris Higham (hcp 11.0) and Preston Diggle (hcp 11.1) set out to try and win the beautiful Quadrangular trophy for the 4th consecutive year.

In the draw, in the morning, West Lancashire drew Wallasey while the home club Formby was drawn against Royal Liverpool.

On paper we certainly had the strongest team with the lowest handicap players, but as we all know anything can happen in golf and it all depends on how everyone plays on the day.

Wallasey, this year, had several younger players in the team, with the two youngest aged 8 and 10 who played very well, but really did not have a realistic chance to beat our team. Our team played convincingly beating Wallasey 7-0.

Results of the morning matches:

Hollie Muse won her match 3&2

Nat Bellamy won his match 5&4

Lauren Green won her match 7&6

Ben Harvey won his match 7&6

Chris Higham won his match 8&7

Preston Diggle won his match 4&3

In the other morning match the home club Formby beat Royal Liverpool 6-1.

In the afternoon our girls Hollie and Lauren notched up the first two wins for the team with Hollie beating her opponent Michael Sumner 3&2 and Lauren beating her opponent G. Hanson 4&3. All the other matches were very close with the boys being up and down in their matches throughout their games. Chris Higham lost his match 4&3 to A. Smith. Preston Diggle was 3 down after 14 holes, but staged a remarkable comeback with true grit and determination winning the 15th, 16th and 17th holes with some very good play to tee off on the 18th with the match all square. Unfortunately, Preston found the greenside bunker with his 2nd shot to the green and lost the match 1 down to G. Scanlon.

Second out, Nat Bellamy also narrowly lost his match, 1 down to T. Hughes. In the 5th match, Sean Kelly won his match 2 up on the 18th against R. Smith.  In match four, Ben Harvey playing against A. McLean finished his match all square on the 18th and then played on to the extra play-off hole on the first. Despite being out of line and overshooting the green with his approach shot he managed to chip back on and sink a long putt to win his match and the trophy for the team.

The Captain and Lady Captain also came to support the team and watch the matches the afternoon matches and were treated to some very good golf and exciting play.

It is the first time in our history we have won this trophy over four consecutive years. The only club to beat this record is Royal Liverpool who has won it over 5 consecutive years.

It was particularly nice to see the team win the trophy again as it was the last time four of our lowest handicap players Hollie, Nat, Ben and Lauren who have contributed to our winning teams over the last four years can play in it as they will become colts next year.

The Captain of Formby GC Tony Webster congratulated West Lancashire on our 4th consecutive win and presented the trophy to our delighted team. Hollie made a very good acceptance speech on behalf of the team thanking Formby GC for their hospitality and organisation in hosting the competition this year..


Results of the afternoon matches:

Hollie Muse won 3&2

Nat Bellamy lost 1 down

Lauren Green won 4&3

Ben Harvey won on first playoff hole

Sean Kelly won 2 up

Chris Higham lost 4&3

Preston Diggle lost 1 down


In the other matches Royal Liverpool beat Wallasey 4 ½ -2 ½.