All Facilities Closed Until Further Notice (updated 24 March at 07:55)

Anne Fletcher reports:


This project goes from strength to strength. On Sunday 6 August we held an informal lunch for the 125 School and mentors. 13 members of the School attended along with 5 mentors. The event marked the end of the year for 9 of the School. Out of the 9 ladies completing their year 6 have now joined the Club. (This brings the number of 125 graduates joining the Club since the project began to 18). The second group are at Stage 2 of the Assessment Programme and are doing well with great enthusiasm.


The lunch was followed by a “roll-up” where four groups went out with members who kindly gave their time to the event. The weather was extremely wet with incessant heavy rain. Everyone got soaked BUT the enthusiasm was not dampened. So we must be doing something right!


Penny Thompson comments: I caught up with them as they came in.  The weather was by far the worst the 125ers had ever experienced on the golf course and yet (see picture below) they had really enjoyed it.  They had been offered the opportunity to come in but all wanted to carry on.  Anne Fletcher has run these roll ups since the School began.  They are greatly appreciated and Anne is recommended for star status.




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