Course Open


Information is regularly being sent out by the Club by Email – this is just a ‘Bulletin Board’ which as Lady Captain Elect I will endeavor to update frequently for Ladies’ matters in the current circumstances.


Lancashire has cancelled all the League matches for this year. That is the Scratch, Handicap and Bronze Team matches

We propose to cancel the Senior and Friendly team matches until the end of May and then review the situation.


All competitions have been cancelled until further notice.

It is unwise to all sign in a communal book, handle cards or input data into the computer.

Casual golf is playable as long as correct guidelines are followed.

Matchplay games can continue as no use of a shared card is required.

Tee times will be reserved for Ladies on a Tuesday until 12.00 noon.

Easter Mixed on 13/04/20 is to be postponed.


The AGM is to be postponed.

Andrew Selby and Jane Hughes will take over as Captain and Lady Captain on 25/03/20 as ex-officio, to be ratified when the meeting is held at a later date.


The clubhouse is to remain open for the present time. We may however be forced to close if tighter government restrictions dictate it. We therefore recommend that you collect your shoes and clubs.


As Shrigley Hall is still open for business, it has proved very difficult to cancel this trip without losing all the money. It is also not possible to postpone until later in the year. I have therefore made the decision to postpone it until 28/03/2021. The cost will be the same. Whilst I appreciate everyone may not be able to go; I believe we can ‘swop’ names and hopefully ensure as few ladies as possible lose out financially. This will be dealt with at the beginning of next year. This was the best outcome I could achieve for us all. The planned trip on 29/03/20 is cancelled.