Course Open

The revised Fixture list is available to view by clicking here - we return to Qualifying Competitions.

We have had record numbers of ladies playing on a Tuesday and I would hate to see that impetus lost, although I feel it is inevitable we see change as we move away from social golf and return to Qualifying Competition.

Tuesday has always been the Ladies Competition Day and the tee is reserved for us for that purpose. We can of course play social golf all week. The Ladies Golf C’ee has met and discussed this return at length. We have missed a number of important competitions and you will see those appear on the fixture list as we try and fit them in.

We have arranged alternative 9 hole qualifiers and will consider the blue course when we have access to it. Until then I would encourage you all to take part in the competitions and restore genuine handicaps. You can of course also submit supplementary cards.

We must now remind you of the current rules and those related to Covid 19.

Social distancing rules must be adhered to.

The flagstick must not be touched.

Local Rule – preferred lie in a bunker 6 inches no nearer the hole

Tee Booking:

As we return to the ‘new normal’ the timesheet returns to the typical competition format. You can book a tee time 3 days in advance as we are at the moment, but if you do not intend to take part in the competition you must wait until the last player has gone out and play after the field. That means you cannot book a time until 6.00pm the night before.


Please do not arrive too early and ‘congregate’

Locker rooms are not in use apart from the toilets. Shoes should be changed in the car park.

Signing in:

As per the mail from the Golf C’ee – signing in will be by giving your name into the Pro’s shop and paying by either contactless bank card or cash.


One player must enter all names and handicaps on one card. They then enter 3 gross scores on the one card. Players should mark a ‘check card’ for themselves and check the score at the end of the round. All 3 then need to verbally agree and the card marker sign the card.

Entering the scores:

The card marker should go into the locker room and enter the scores onto the computer for all 3 players and place the card in the box. There will be wipes to clean the screen before and after use. Only the person entering the score should go in the locker room as there could be 3 others trying to access the locker room halfway round and numbers are limited.

Access to upstairs:

Please go up the outside stairs and give your name in to a member of staff in the Spike Bar.

You will then be directed to a table. When leaving please use the internal stairs creating a one-way system.

The toilets are open upstairs for one person at a time and those not playing golf are asked not to go into the locker room at all.

Noticeboards in the locker room cannot be used.

Supplementary Cards:

If you wish to take out a Supplementary card on any day of the week, please give your name in to the Pro’s shop before playing. The card must be verbally checked by another member, signed and posted through the office letterbox. If you do not give your name in to the shop before commencing play, the card is invalid - you must show you intend to put a card in for handicap BEFORE starting on the 1st tee.