Course Open

I am pleased to inform you that the Board has approved the recommendations of the Golf Committee regarding the resumption of competition golf.

As you are aware, we must ensure that all protocols regarding social distancing and the wellbeing of members are observed and we believe we have achieved this.



Competitions will resume from Tuesday 14th  July and will initially be played over the RED course.

The first Qualifying Competition will be on !4/07/20 and will be an Individual Stableford




Play will be threeball format and times will be from 8.00 at ten-minute intervals. Nine-minute intervals will apply to Saturday golf only.

It was considered that nine-minute intervals are feasible because there are no areas on the course where members are likely to congregate. The only area of slight concern was the 12TH tee and members are requested to observe social distancing guidelines if the game ahead has not cleared the tee.



Each member will go into the shop, state they wish to play in the competition and the shop staff will mark this on the start sheet by giving each member a number. This will suffice as entry to the competition and there is no requirement for members to sign the book. We will ask members to arrange who will mark the card prior to the day. The shop staff will issue one card per game.

Payment can be made by either cash, debit or credit card.

One scorecard will be issued for each threeball and one member will enter all scores on this card. The handicaps for all three players must be entered on the card. The completed card to be verbally agreed by all players on completion of the round. The designated marker to be the only signatory.

The designated marker will then enter all three scores on the computer in the Locker Room and place the card in the box. She will be the only member of the threeball to use the computer.


Anti-bacterial wipes will be at the side of the PC to clean screen before and after use. Used wipes to be placed in the bin.

The Ladies Golf Committee will close the competition within 24 hours and the results posted on the website.



The inserts in the hole will be improved. Please note, the ball must finish IN THE HOLE to be deemed holed out. If for any reason the ball rolls or bounces out, you have not completed the hole and must hole out.
The flagstick must always remain in the hole.
The Local Rule regarding preferred lies in a bunker will apply ( you may move the ball 6 inches no nearer the pin)

To continue playing competitions, it is imperative that members follow all the guidelines and if there are any breaches, the Golf Committee will have to review their decision to resume competition golf. 


For the final Optional competition before returning to Qualifying Competition we are going to hold a Charity Team Event. Tuesday 07/07/20

Teams of 3 playing Stableford  Full Handicap – Best 2 scores to count. No entry fee but a donation to the charity either via their Justgiving page or cash in the box on the day please! Prizes will be donated by myself for the winners.

 This is for Southport District General Hospital ITU to create a garden for the patients as they progress through rehab after being on a ventilator. It will be shared with the Dementia patients. The idea is that a patient has a pleasant, safe space to enjoy as they recover. The fundraising effort is this weekend, so it seems appropriate! It also links in with the Modesty Gowns that some of you were good enough to make for the unit.

The details are below.


On the weekend of 5th July our critical care team will be fundraising for the construction of an ICU rehab and patient wellbeing garden
We have been overwhelmed by the support of our community recently and we want to continue to enhance our patient care
Our plan is to do 5 km of activity runs/ walks etc in groups and singly
Please share our post or donate to the just giving page

Kind Regards

Jane Hughes

Lady Captain