Course Open

The Lady Captain organised her Summer Party Day on Tuesday 3rd August, which was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze providing excellent playing conditions. The format was a Florida Scramble team event played over 18 holes on the red course and a 9 hole competition on the blue course with 3 players in each team. In this format all three players drive each hole. The best drive is chosen and the player whose ball is chosen marks her ball, but only the other two players play the next shot from this place. The same procedure is then used for the next shot where the player whose shot is taken never takes the next shot and so on until the hole is finished. This ensures no player can dominate the team and apart from the drives only two players play each shot until the hole is finished. Lady Captain had organised Pimms & crips by the 10th tee, which was served by three gentlemen, Roy Calder, John Alexander and John Howell who had been asked to help and were dressed in black tie for the occasion. The gentlemen entertained the ladies who very much enjoyed this special treat.


 The Lady Captain entertained some of the Senior Past Captains to lunch and 82 ladies took part in a memorable 3 course dinner in the evening. The dining room had been beautifully decorated and the meal was served by the catering staff who really looked after the ladies and made sure they enjoyed their evening. It was nice to see so many ladies enjoying a near normal evening again after the easing of restrictions due to the Covid pandemic.







1st Prize          Alice Apel, Val Jones, Janet Williamson                                

2nd Prize         Caryl Evans, Maureen Higham, Penny Thompson            

3rd Prize          Sheila Anderson, Elaine Martin, Chris Mitchell                  

Shared            Madge McCaul, Rebecca McDermott, Martina McCaul      



1st Prize          Fran McBrien, Joan O’Hara, Sheila Walker