Course Open

A very windy blustery day did not deter 53 West Lancashire ladies from joining in the Lady Captain's Charity Day held on 28th June 2022. The format of 321 on the front 9 and 123 on the back 9 resulted in cards that needed not only checking but rescoring!


There was also a little twist to the day's competition as on 2 holes "Playing Like a Flamingo" was introduced. Not a normal part of a golfing round but it did result in much laughter and amusement as ladies tried to tee off on one leg or two legs close together so as to emulate a flamingo pose. Hard enough in its own right but quite difficult in the wind. They all did brilliantly and it resulted in lots of photos which were on a slide show on the TV for the evening dinner.


Two gentlemen in their dapper golfing attire provided smiles and sustenance at the halfway house. This was much appreciated as it gave the ladies respite from the wind.


In the evening a delicious 3 course dinner was enjoyed by everyone, lots of prizes were provided by the Lady Captain and to top all that we had entertainment from Peter Mercer with his guitar and amusing songs, one where he serenaded Linda Forsyth.  All the ladies went home with a smile on their faces.

A collection was held at the end of the evening for St Joseph's Hospice. So money raised from the entrance fee, bunker money and the collection, amounted to over £350 to date. Thank you everyone for your support.


The winners were

Lynne Adams

Lynne Harrison

Jean Battisti