Course Open

I signed up for this without looking at what was involved. A phone call from Lady Captain asked me if I could move my time from 7.40 to 7am. ‘What’ I replied, rather shocked, ‘you want me to be on the course at 7am?’ 

Well I got to the course in time, the sun shone and we had a great time. We played 9 holes in teams of 4, 10 teams took part and there was a 2 tee start.  

Each hole was to be played in a different format, 4 ball better ball, greensomes, Canadian greensomes, Texas scramble, a stableford 2 best ball multiplier etc (did you know that there are 9 ways of playing competitive golf, perhaps more). 

We were helped by detailed instructions as to how to work out shots, except that I did not see them and it was only thanks to Colette Connell that our score was able to be recorded. Despite getting 16 points on the multiplier hole we did not win. Jane Duckett’s team won the first nine and June Anderton’s the back 9. 

Then there was breakfast, fruit, yogurt, juice, bacon, egg (cooked to your specification) and everything you would expect from a full English breakfast. It was a great way to start the day and thanks to Lady Captain for the idea and for getting it off the ground and Colette for the advice to make it work.

Penny Thompson