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Pros Optional Team Results - 18/06/2022
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Pros Optional Team Results - 11/06/22
PROS OPTIONAL TEAM EVENT 11/06/22 TEAMS OF 4 (15 Teams) 1) C McCaul, D McDermott, B Rice, P Jasper  86 Points 2) K Devine, B Powell, J Morrissey, P McCaughrean  85 Points TEAMS OF 3 ( 6 Teams) 1) R Lindsay, J Hall, S Potter  77 Points TWOS P Finnegan (Hole in 1), P Hough, J Bown, J Jaycock, P Green, D McDermott x 2, C McCaul, R Sluming x 2, B Powell, M Webb, A Murphy *Prizes for all those named above prizes to be collected from the Professional Shop and twos money of £5.70 will be credited to the above accounts.
Pros Optional Team Results - 09/04/2022
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