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Gentlemen's Winter League 2020-21


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In an effort to make the Winter League open to as many as possible, and taking in to account the demand for tee times at the moment, it was agreed to slightly change the format for this year. Instead of 8 leagues of 8, it was agreed to change this to 12 leagues of 5. Due to only having 62 pairs enter, it will be 10 leagues of 5 and 2 leagues of 6. 

In changing the leagues as above, we virtually half the number of matches/tee times that need to be played over the course of the winter. 8 leagues of 8 requires a total of 234 matches to be played, reducing it as we have reduces this to just over 120.

With the new format, to keep it as fair as we can, just the 12 winners will go through to the knockout stage, with 4 byes through to the quarter final.

We hope you understand this is hopefully just a one off due to Covid and the demand for tee times at an all time high.

The majority of the leagues are groups of 5, and so only 4 matches to play between Monday 2nd November and 28th February. Two matches must be played by the end of December.