Course Open
Message to Members from the Gentleman’s Golf Committee


At the start of a new golfing season the Golf Committee would like to bring a few things to the attention of members particularly those who have recently joined the club.




Prior to commencing play in a competition, it is a rule of the competition that all participants collect a card with their name and competition number on it and that they sign the book next to that number. Participants are also asked to enter the competition via the computer in the Professionals shop. Anyone failing to sign the book will be deemed not to have entered the competition. Once a member has finished his round please can he ensure that he and his marker sign the card, that the gross score is properly recorded and the card put in the competition box in the Hilton Lounge.


Members are asked to remember that members of the Golf Committee give of their free time after the competition has finished to close the competitions as quickly as possible and members not adhering to the above make it very difficult for the competition to be closed smoothly and quickly.




Could all members do everything possible to acquaint themselves with the New Rules which came into force on 1.1.2019. Rule books available from the Pro’s Shop, Locker Room and Golfer’s Entrance, and links to the new rules are on the club website.




Members are reminded that only 7-day members can play in Saturday competitions. Can all 6 day plus, six day and five-day members ensure that they are aware of their playing entitlements.




Members are reminded that the closing date for the completion of all League matches is Sunday 24th February. Could all participants ensure that games are arranged and then played by that date.