Course Open

Optional Team Results - 11th March 2017


1st Place with 85 points                                T. Morrissey

                                                                          S. Mackay

                                                                           J. Morrissey

                                                                           E. Murray

2nd Place with 85 points                               S. Burns

                                                                           G. Sidlow

                                                                            P. Jardine

                                                                            P. Stirzaker



S. Burns                         3rd                                  J. Banks                                   6th

P. Bowyer                      3rd                                 D. Daulby                                3rd    

J. Byrne                         17th                                D. McDowell                          17th

R. Jones                         6th                                  R. Jones                                  12th  

P. Carr                           3rd                                  D. Nolan                                 3rd

D. Nolan                        17th                                P. Finnegan                             17th

W. Lea                           17th                                G. Ritson                                 3rd

D. Carr                          17th                                K. Kneale                                3rd


Prize Vouchers will be awarded at the next Prize Giving