Course Open

As I arrived at the club this afternoon in the pouring rain I was surprised to see a row of ladies on the range, seemingly oblivious to the conditions.  Perhaps I should not have been surprised as golf at present is very popular with women.  I was there to take 3 ladies from a beginners’ class out for their end of course Texas Scramble.  I offered to postpone the event but they wanted to go out after their practice.  So off we went, the heavy rain meaning that we had the course to ourselves.  They were full of praise for Ed and James and for the experience that West Lancs had provided and have signed up for a second class.

125 School

Cath Morris who runs the 125 School got the new school going in September following interviews by Zoom.  There are 9 ladies signed up who are often to be seen at the club practising. They have all been given a comprehensive welcome pack with a rules book, bag tag and silver 125 club card.   We are grateful to the 20 lady mentors who are also signed up.  The 125ers really appreciate the help and encouragement they get from the mentors.

Beginners’ Classes

There are currently 14 ladies in 3 classes with Ed and James and I have a waiting list for the next class.  I always give priority to members’ partners so please get in touch if you know someone you would like to have a go at golf.  

Club Membership

All this activity has resulted in increasing numbers in the ladies’ section.  We have also gained 4 established golfers from other clubs, one of whom has a single figure handicap. The ladies’ golf committee has worked hard over the past few years to integrate new members and we have between 60 and 70 ladies playing in competitions on a Tuesday.  So we are doing well.  However, we are not yet up to our target of 125 lady playing members.  It is estimated that we need to find 3 new lady members every year just to keep numbers stable so our schemes will be needed in the foreseeable future.

 A comment from the pro’s shop

According to England Golf over 40% of those who tried beginner classes and get into golf schemes last year were women/girls. Very encouraging given that the image of golf is that of a man’s sport. West Lancs offers a great opportunity for ladies to take part in a beginners’ scheme moving on to the 125 School. Learning something new In a group of the same ability is the best way for ladies to learn. At the end of the day golf is about having fun, making friends and starting a new journey. James Dean.

Here are some pictures of the new 125ers and some of the mentors.

Penny Thompson

Co-ordinator of 125 School and Beginners’ Classes

October 24th 2020.