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1900 to 1891


Edward Evans Junior became Captain at West Lancashire

This year, Edward Evans Junior became Captain at West Lancashire, the last of five Captains who would become Captains at Royal Liverpool Golf Club. The others were John Dun, Alexander Stewart, GR Cox Junior and Adam Rankine.


The new Clubhouse

29 April – a new Clubhouse, described as ‘probably the most commodious and handsome in the Kingdom’ was opened by the Mayor of Liverpool, Mr RD Holt. An EXHIBITION MATCH celebrates it, with ‘probably the four finest golfers in the world making up one of the finest foursomes ever to have played in the Liverpool District.’ Followed by a crowd of over 1000, Mr ROLLAND and Mr HERD, the Professionals, beat Mr BALL and Mr HILTON by 4&3.


Harold Hilton – A Special Year

He won the West Lancashire EASTER MEETING, SPRING MEETING and AUTUMN MEETING, and in addition, as an Amateur, the OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP at MUIRFIELD.


West Lancashire Ladies’ Golf Club

38 Members formed the first Ladies Golf Club in SW Lancashire and subsequently grew to 390 members Mrs. W POTTER was elected 1st Captain, LADY FORWOOD, 1st President, and the first Clubhouse was erected and fitted out, in 1892. A new, and larger, Clubhouse (pictured) was built, and opened, in 1895 it also saw the first friendly game against Wirral Ladies and in in 1897 the first match against Formby Ladies.